Weight Loss Habits: The Truth Behind the Mental Side of Losing Weight

Weight Loss Habits: The Truth Behind the Mental Side of Losing Weight

Without a doubt we’ve all have been there, the yo-yo diets, the fad diets, hcg diets, starvation diets, and many other tactics to lose weight. Then just a few short months later we seem to just gain it all back and maybe even a few additional pounds because the specific eating habits were not sustainable. Proving that simply eating healthy foods or participating in excessive exercise habits should not be your only form of weight management.

Additionally, just when you think the extra weight gain is the worst part, the mental pressure kicks in, making us feel bad about ourselves. We are left to over analyze our eating patterns, obsess over calorie intake, and staring at our bodies in every reflection. Then after a few pep talks and a solid good night’s sleep you may be able to find a little peace until the cycle repeats itself over and over again, eventually just telling ourselves that we were just made to be “fluffier” than others.

What Does Weight Loss Really Mean?

The true success behind weight loss is to think of it as not as much of a “diet” but a lifestyle change that is going to provide you with long standing health benefits, both mentally and physically. If weight loss efforts become part of your natural way of living and not just a “quick fix” you will be more successful in your quest to become the best version of yourself.

If we make achieving a healthy weight seem like a chore or a punishment for letting ourselves pack on excess body fat then we are ultimately setting ourselves up to fail. Instead, if we take time to tell ourselves that we want to lose weight, we enjoy healthy eating, and that we want to live a life free of illnesses and diseases we will be successful in achieving our weight loss goals. Ultimately when we are “choosing” to have healthy behaviors that promote weight loss, we are skipping the restrictions of a temporary diet that makes you feel grumpy, mad, and hangry all the time. 

How Can You Lose Weight Successfully?

Significant weight loss does not happen overnight, it is a process of change, breaking habits that you had for years, developing a balanced diet, and it is ultimately learning to tell your body and mind that the food you eat is to fueling your body with nutrients to function properly. We really are what we eat!

When you think about losing excess body fat you probably think about what it needs to run efficiently long term, maybe cutting out sugary drinks and consuming fewer calories. I mean you probably put good quality gas in your car to run efficiently, so why would you put junk in your body that causes damage requiring visits to the doctor, medications, and mental anguish? It really is the mental game when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. You have to look at food as fuel and not pleasure! Once you can do this you will be successful in living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight with no more “dieting” and mental games. 

This does not mean that occasionally you cannot have a piece of cake to celebrate a birthday or something special, but you will know that it is just that, a special occurrence and not an excuse to eat whatever you want.

Ready To Start Your Weight Loss Journey? Let Us Help!

No matter where you are in your health journey, before starting any program to lose weight, you have to be mentally prepared to make the permanent changes necessary to promote weight loss. Weight management will have to become part of your daily activities and not just another chore that you’ll dread all day long.

Once you have made that determination, you can move forward with finding the best medical weight loss program for maintaining weight loss near you!

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